Iran’s Special Force (NOPO), guarding the Supreme Leader, which is linked to the Revolutionary Guards, attacked political prisoners held in Wards 7 and 8 of Evin Prison on October 15, 2022.

The state forces used live ammunition and shotguns on the prisoners late in the evening as a deadly clash formed in Iran’s notorious prison. Prisoners endured suffocation due to severe smoke caused by tear gas fired at them.

The courtyard of building No. 8 was covered in blood as prisoners were targeted with live ammunition from the roof. One prisoner who was observing the incident from behind a window was shot and injured. NOPO forces threw a number of prisoners down from the roof, whose conditions remain unknown of.

The forces lay prisoners down on the ground in the yard and beat them so hard that some prisoners reached the point of death.

One eyewitness confirms the beatings to have continued until morning. Stun guns were extensively used on prisoners to impose force on them.

Mahmoudi, the commander of the prison protection unit, was personally intervened in beating the prisoners. His brutality on prisoners was so outrageous that members of the special unit wanted him to stop. Mahmoudi, who is also a Revolutionary Guards’ Colonel, was accompanied by another officer called Tavakoli.

Mahmoudi beat one political prisoner so severe that blood leaked from the prisoner’s eyes. This prisoner’s condition remains to be found.

The special unit transferred 51 prisoners from Ward 8 to other locations. Iran HRM can clarify some of the prisoners being taken to Gohardasht Prison, but the location of other prisoners is yet to be known.

One prisoner with five bullets in his body was also taken with this group.

This act of human rights violation has caused the death of 30 to 40 prisoners, most of whom were held in Ward 7.

Tear gas was also fired inside the women’s ward in Evin Prison the same night of the attack. Prison authorities deliberately locked the ward’s door on the female prisoners to hold them back from finding any exit.

Mehdi Rafsanjani, the son of Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, was told not to return to the prison. Mehdi is a prisoner at Evin who was on leave at the time.

Two other former Iranian officials, Akbar Tabari and Mohammad Ali Najafi, were both transferred to Evin’s medical center before the attack started.

This fact clearly indicates that the high number of prisoners killed on the night of the attack was planned in advance.

Source » iran-hrm