Labor activist Atefeh Rangriz starts hunger strike

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Political prisoner Atefeh Rangriz, who is behind bars since attending a protest during the last International Labor Day (May 1) in Tehran, says that she has gone on hunger strike.

Ms. Rangriz is protesting the illegal process of her trial, denying the right to be released on bail, and unfair verdicts.
Ms. Rangriz started her hunger strike on Wednesday, October 16.

Rangriz also writes that the head of the Branch 28 of Iran’s Revolutionary Court, notorious judge Mohammad Moqisseh (Moghiseh) has raised her bail up to twenty billion rials (approximately $470,000), but despite presenting the bail, he has refused to set her free.”The court authorities have disregarded their verdict for releasing me on bail, and have left my family and me wandering inside and outside the prison,” Rangriz has lamented.

Labor activist, Atefeh Rangriz, was arrested along with 35 other civil and labor activists on May 1, while attending a peaceful International Workers’ Day gathering held outside Iran’s parliament in Tehran. The security forces and plainclothes intelligence agents stormed the rally and violently dispersed the crowd, arresting dozens of protesters.

Following her arrest, Atefeh Rangriz was held in solitary confinement in section 209 of Tehran’s Evin prison for several weeks, without access to her family. During the time, Rangriz was subjected to interrogations without a lawyer present and put under pressure to “confess” to planning protests intended to harm national security.

Later on August 5, Tehran’s Revolutionary Court sentenced Rangriz to eleven and a half years prison and 74 lashes. Several of the detainees have been released, while the rest sentenced to prison and lashes. Among the convicted is pro-reform daily Sharq’s reporter, Marzieh Amiri, who has received ten and a half year-jail and 148 lashes.

Furthermore, Nasrin Javadi, a retired worker, was sentenced to seven years in prison and 74 lashes. A bus driver, Rasoul Taleb Moqaddam, was also sentenced to 74 lashes, two years behind bars and two years living in exile. Moreover, the judge banned Taleb Moqaddam from using a mobile phone.
The court also sentenced three other detainees from 1-5 years.

More than 80 labor unions around the world have protested against the sentences given to Iran’s Labor Day demonstrators.
Ms. Rangriz is currently behind bars in the infamous prison, Qarchak, south of the capital city, Tehran.

Source » radiofarda

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