Middle East will never be peaceful if Iran regime is allowed to continue as it is

Even though the Iran nuclear deal has been in place since 2015, Iran remains one of the most serious threats to the security in the Middle East. For as long as the Iranian regime is in power, there will never be peace in the Middle East.

Many said that the nuclear deal would tame the Iranian regime’s behaviour but it seemed to have the opposite effect. Iran became more and more emboldened and it knew that the Obama administration – that bent over backwards to get Iran’s signature – would turn a blind eye and remain silent to all of the acts of belligerence it was carrying out.

Current US President Donald Trump has controversially refused to certify Iran’s compliance. It was not a controversial decision because Iran is in compliance (because it isn’t). It was a controversial decision because of the stances of the other signatories of the deal who believe that the nuclear agreement is working and that it needs to stay intact.

This has brought international attention to the deal and to Iran’s behaviour, so now is the time to really look at all the issues that urgently need addressed. There are several threats to the international community coming from Iran, and it is urgent that they are addressed sooner rather than later.

One issue that is relatively easy to solve is Iran’s disregard of UN Security Council resolutions. If Iran violates the resolutions, penalise it! Is that not why the resolutions are in place? According to the resolutions, Iran is not allowed to “undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons” and it is also banned from selling, supplying or transferring arms from Iran to other countries. Iran has blatantly ignored both.

It cannot be ignored that one of the main problems with the nuclear deal is that it allows the Iranian regime to pick up where it left off with its nuclear program. It also has many restrictions regarding nuclear inspections, giving Iran notice on what sites will be inspected and when.

Another major problem is the existence of sunset clauses. These clauses basically have an expiration date meaning that the nuclear threat emanating from Iran will come back just as before.

Iran has been very brazen about its behaviour and has not done a very good job of hiding its bad behaviour. It has been openly threatening in both actions and words. For example, at the recent United Nations General Assembly, Iran said that it would not hesitate to start enriching large quantities of uranium if the United States pulled out of the deal. With regards to its actions, it has been approaching US navy ships and getting close to US-ally bases in Syria.

Now is the time to act – not just for the sake of the international community, but also for the sake of the people at home who are being oppressed and denied of their human rights.

Source » ncr-iran

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