Barbaric mullah regime ruling in Iran is incapable to solve problems

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The barbaric mullah regime ruling in Iran is incapable to solve the people’s social problems and difficulties, especially economic problems. It only thinks about the safeguard of its regime. Therefore, the regime’s authorities are looking to plunder and steal people’s property. A huge part of public assets and the country’s capital is used for warmongering policies and funding terrorist proxies and proxy wars in the region.

Versus this economic turmoil, Iranian people’s daily protests are spreading across the country. Some of these protests, mentioned below, took place in just the span of one day. The regime’s response to these protests has just been further suppression and pressure on the people, without answering their demands and solving their problems.

Farabi petrochemical staff protests in Mahshahr port

On Monday the staff of Farabi petrochemical company in Mahshahr port carried out a strike in protest to their unpaid salaries.

Protest of Kharadegh workers in Naghadeh

On the same day, workers of Kharadegh in Naghadeh carried out a strike in protest to their unpaid salaries for more than seven months and gathered in front of the labor bureau and the governor’s office in Naghadeh.

Social protests in Tehran and Isfahan

In Tehran and Isfahan, hundreds of retirees protested against their unpaid salaries.

Protest of employees of Ahvaz Telecommunication Office

In Ahvaz, the employees of the Telecommunication Office gathered in front of the central office of Telecommunication of Khuzistan province to protest their unpaid salaries and demands. Every minute the number of protesters increased, and they chanted: Shame on our telecommunication officials, Give us our rights!

Protests and clashes by workers of Azarab factory with regime’s suppressive forces

Despite the ban of gatherings and shut down of the factory announced by regime agents, the workers of the Azarab factory of Arak organized a protest gathering in front of the factory.

A large group of suppressive forces was stationed inside and outside the factory.

The workers demanded the release of arrested workers of Sunday protests.

Their family members of the arrested also gathered on Monday in front of the factory. The regime’s response to the families was throwing tear gas. In support of the families of the arrested, the workers clashed with the suppressive forces that were stationed inside the factory.

Mrs. Rajavi hailed the brave and resistant workers of Azarab Arak

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), hailed the courageous and resilient workers of Azarab and urged the people of Arak, especially the defiant youths, to rise in support of the protesting workers. She urged the International Labor Organization, labor syndicates and unions as well as all advocates of workers’ rights to condemn the anti-labor policies of the mullahs’ regime and support the rights of Iranian workers.

Source » ncr-iran

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