The Iranian regime’s Fars news agency, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), published on 20 October 2021 the results of a poll which stated that 72 percent of the Iranian people expressed their satisfaction with the regime’s new government and Ebrahim Raisi and are supporting the regime’s missile projects and its relations with the East.

The regime has published this poll under the name of the Maryland University of the US. But the operators of this poll are not answering the question that what has changed in the people’s lives so that they should show their support for Raisi’s government.

The fact is that referring to the internal crises the prices of goods are increasing constantly, the malnutrition of the people has reached a dramatic stage, and the people are being squelched under the burden of poverty.

And the sixth peak of the coronavirus is on the way, and in such a critical hygienic situation many people do not even have access to healthy potable water.

And in the context of the regime’s nuclear case, the situation has reached a sensible point and is increasing the regime’s international isolation.

And more important is that the people, three months ago has boycotted the regime’s election. But the important point of this poll is that it is pointing to Maryland University.

Now let us see from where this name appeared in the regime’s poll. On October 19, 2021, it wrote that this poll was executed in cooperation between the Maryland University and the Center for Thought Assessment (Iran Poll).

But what is the identity of the Iran Poll Institute?

Iran Poll is an institution managed by a man named Amir Farmanesh, a well-known regime lobbyist in Toronto, Canada. Amir Farmanesh is named in a document related to a project at the United Nations as ‘advisor and director of the Council of Young Advisors of the Mayor of Tehran during Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s mayoral term.’ In 2013, Farmanesh was the regime’s lobbyist for German bankers. He has an active relationship with ISPA, the regime’s polling center, and its operators.

So far, it turns out that there was no poll, and it was done by the order of the Iranian regime covered by its Lobby as usual.

But how did the University of Maryland get dragged into this story?

Amir Farmanesh’s relationship was established through Thomas Schelling with the University of Maryland because Farmanesh earned his Ph.D. under Schelling, who was a professor at the University of Maryland.

Thus, the Institute introduced the Iran Paul regime affiliated with the University of Maryland, while there was no active connection between a prestigious university and a worthless regime-built institution. There is no information linking the two on the internet.

Furthermore, Thomas Schelling himself was involved with the regime, and during Ahmadinejad’s presidency he visited Iran on January 1, 2008, and he was given an honorary doctorate at Sharif University of Technology.

Media affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, such as Fars and Tasnim news agencies, The Ofogh TV Channel, the Young Journalists Club (YJC), and the Mashreq news site, strongly welcomed ‘Iran poll’s’ results and wrote about it in detail. Observers believe the goal of all these so-called polls and propaganda is to increase the morality of the regime’s hopeless forces.

But real polls and their devastating result to the regime can be seen in a poll executed by Tehran’s municipality council.

This council published a poll on the Tehran-e-man website and asked the people to write about their demands and wishes. That demand which gains the most Likes, the council will act to realize it. The amazing thing was the wish of the “Destruction of the Islamic Republic” with 37 million Likes got the first place.

It seems that the regime’s ‘Maryland Poll’ is a desperate answer to this 37 million Likes of the regime’s destruction.

But besides all this, if the regime is searching for the people’s opinion it should remember the nationwide protests of 2017 and 2019 in which the people expressed clearly their wishes:

“Down with Khamenei, Down with the principle of supreme religious rule, and ‘Until the mullahs are overthrown the country will not become a country’.”

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