In another move to prevent the transfer of large amounts of money from the Islamic regime in Iran to Palestinian terror organizations in Gaza, the US Treasury Department seized the assets and bank accounts of three major Palestinian currency exchangers who transferred the money to Gaza. This deals a fresh blow to the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities.

In one case, on the order of the US Treasury, assets of a Gaza-based exchanger which exceeded ten million dollars was frozen.

For several years now, the US has been trying to crack down on the financial roots of the terror organizations in order to reduce their activities and perhaps even stop them altogether.

Tehran’s regime sends tens of millions of dollars each year to Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad which is under the rule of the Islamic regime.

The names of three men whose assets were frozen were announced as: Mohammed Ay, Kamal Awwad, Fouad Nasser.

Some news sources also report that in May this year, the Israeli army killed Hamed al-Khoudary, a major Gaza-based capital consigner who was tasked with transferring money from the Tehran to terrorist organizations there.

According to the Israeli news website, Ynet, most of the money raised by terrorist organizations in Gaza is provided by the Shia regime in Iran and trained currency exchangers transfer money into Gaza.

Earlier reports noted that the transfer of large amounts of cash from Iran to terrorist organizations was carried out through diplomatic pouches that were sent to Beirut and then deliver to Gaza via various means.

Source » thefreeiranian