Syria’s electricity ministry signed a $115 million contract Tuesday with an Iranian company to rehabilitate a power station in a central province of the war-torn country, state media reported.

Under the agreement involving the two allies — who are both under U.S. sanctions — the Iranian company Peymanir will rehabilitate the Mhardeh power station in Hama province.

Syria’s electricity sector was hard hit by the country’s 10-year conflict that killed hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed large parts of the country.

State news agency SANA said the rehabilitation of the station will cost 99.5 million euros ($115 million) and will take 26 months to complete. The station will then have a production capacity of 576 megawatts, according to SANA.

Syria suffers hourslong electricity cuts daily and over the past months the government has been encouraging businesses and private homes to rely more on solar energy.

Source » abc news