According to IRNA News, the commander of the law enforcement of Dezful (southwest of Iran) stated, “Two girls whose pictures were released in the social media while motorcycling have been identified and arrested.” According to the regime’s officials, motorcycling is forbidden for women.

Colonel Ali Elhami added, “These two girls are originally from Dezful and they have been summoned for guidance and admonition.

Concerning the detention of the two motorcyclists colonel Elhami claimed:

The Disciplinary Police were gone to Sardasht-Dezful Rout to implement the moral laws and to cope with irregularities and anomalies, and in their absence the two girls used the opportunity for motorcycling in Dezful Forest Park which is opposed to the values and norms of the society and the Revolution.”

It is noteworthy that in 2016 also two women were arrested while motorcycling in Dezful , which its news at the time was reflected vastly on social media and cyberspace.

Source » ncr-iran