Iranian Regime officials are terrified that the failing economy and the rise of the Iranian Resistance will cause the people to revolt, spelling the end of the Mullahs’ Regime, according to an analysis by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

The MEK has analysed recent remarks by Iranian regime officials in state media and discovered that a great deal of these comments focuses on warnings about the regime’s future, with terms such as “enemy”, “mistrust”, “dangerous times”, and “current conditions” used frequently.

Even the Iranian regime’s Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi has been unable to hide his concerns, despite his experience in the regime’s intelligence apparatus.

In a TV interview on October 12, he said: “What will become even more transparent these days is the social gap between various classes. We are facing a reality that there is a trust gap, with people knowing officials will not live up to their pledges. We shouldn’t deny this. Why should we? The reason is that they see our actions differ from our words, and this is seen in different fields of work.”

While Hossein Raghfar, an economy expert working for the Iranian regime, warned that the economic crisis currently plaguing Iran – caused by decades of mismanagement and corruption by the mullahs, but spurred on by the US sanctions – will lead to major food shortages, further protests, and a revolt against the mullahs’ regime.

He said: “Those who are living on subsidies, they have nothing. We are heading towards riots. These riots are due to economic insecurity. Workers who haven’t been paid, how are they supposed to provide for themselves… and this leads to riots. All these riots will be taking shape.”

Raghfar also warned that the Iranian people would suffer greatly because of the pressures upon them, which could manifest as mental health issues like depression, but could also lead to an increased petty crime rate (i.e. stealing) from people suffering economic insecurity.

He said: “A worker that doesn’t get paid has no solution but to revolt.”

Raghfar also expressed fear that talented Iranians who could solve the Iranian Regime’s crises are fleeing the Regime, meaning the best and the brightest cannot help fix the country’s woes.

He continued: “There will be other riots, seen in the country’s brain drain. There will also be riots against themselves, such as suicides. Other people will be suffering from psychological damages, such as depression. This is another kind of riot in and of itself. And yet another riot is the rise in crimes.”

He also estimated that Iran’s inflation rate – currently at a massive 50% – could rise to 80-90% by March, when the Iranian calendar year ends, and that Iran would not last long under such conditions.

Source » ncr-iran