Criminal execution of seven prisoners in two days in Urmia Ardebil and Karaj

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On the morning of Thursday, October 29, the inhumane clerical regime in Iran executed four prisoners in Urmia (northwest Iran) prison. These prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement yesterday in preparation for the execution. One of the prisoners had attempted suicide the day before by slitting his wrist and was in critical physical condition during the execution. His execution was a violation of all the existing international laws and standards.

Moreover, on Wednesday, October 28, one prisoner was hanged in the central prison of Ardebil city and another in the central prison of Aligoudarz (southwest Iran). On the same day, 41-year-old Ehsan Nemati was executed in the central prison of Karaj city. The regime had taken Nemati to the gallows at least twice before his actual execution only to return him back to his cell after. This is a despicable method of psychologically torturing prisoners and is frequently applied in the regime’s prisons.

The clerical regime’s objective for these criminal executions is to instill an atmosphere of terror and fear and to prevent the spread of popular protests. The Iranian Resistance calls upon the United Nations Secretary General, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Human Rights Council, relevant special rapporteurs and all international human rights organizations to immediately act to stop torture and executions in Iran and to submit the dossier of the Iranian regime’s cruel and systematic human rights violations to the UN Security Council. The Iranian Resistance once again emphasizes that an international investigative mission must be established to visit prisons in Iran and meet with prisoners.

Source » ncr-iran

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