A political expert of Iranian regime admitted the existence of deep divisions of the social classes in the Iranian society, and while expressing fear about the social protests said: “When the majority of the society sees itself a victim of the policies of a plunderer minority, nobody will ever be safe from the revenge of the victims. No one will be merciful neither to the hard liners, nor the ‘reformers’, nor the ‘moderates.’

Ebrahim Asgharzadeh, in an interview with state-run ILNA news agency, said he admits that the massive corruption of officials in recent years has brought public confidence to a minimum.

According to him, when a panegyrist has millions of dollars in revenue, or a religious scholar has a stake and his hands in exports and imports, or a military establishment has business corporation and a foundation is the exclusive importer of these goods and some do not even pay taxes, and when the size of the country’s underground economy or, in other words, the hidden economy, amounts to $30 billion a year, what do you expect from minor and superstructure reforms?

Asgharzadeh confesses to the ineffectiveness of the repressive measures and the policy of catch and lock and adds: “For many years, the law prohibits the use of satellite receivers in Iran. Has anyone been able to enforce the law by force using police and security forces and the commandos who occupy the buildings from the outside from the roof? But there are those who even if disbelieve, but like to have such things happen?”

According to this regime’s expert, some in the government believe that by sending out waves of noise (parasite) and filtering they solve the problem, while they simply erase the problem superficially.

Referring to turning people to the anti-government media, he said: “Why is the level of influence on our people by the obstinate domestic and foreign media is increasing every day? Why foreign media during the elections are the most important alternative story? Why acceptance of unofficial Telegram channels is on the rise, and on the other hand, the attention of the domestic media is facing a downward trend?

With the question of why people are Distrustful to government officials, he says: “The feeling of being deceived is more damaging than deception. The feeling that we think we are constantly exposed to false information and statistics is a factor in the lack of optimism on the authorities.”

He also acknowledges nepotism and favouritism in the regime and adds: “If you want to get your job done, you must be connected to one of the ‘thousand families’ (officials’ families) or be members of one of the religious and ethnic colonies.”

Referring to the new US sanctions, he says: “Rouhani’s government faces serious economic challenges. The value of the national currency in the absence of a productive economy and the volatility of the US new sanctions is subject to a free fall, and there is a risk that there will be a major leap in the value of the rial and the dollar.”

Concerned about social protests, the expert added: “When unemployment and poverty become widespread and the purchasing power of people drops sharply, we will face social protests that nobody will trust their (the government’s) promises.”

“Woe to the day when the majority of its society feels it is victimized by the politics of the predatory and plundering minority, then the society will be divided into two torn ‘plunderer-victim’ and no one will be safe from the revenge of the victims. No one will be merciful to the hardliners, or the reformers, or the moderates. Then ‘very soon’ will be too late,” he added.

Source » ncr-iran