Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami warned of social protests to change the regime if people realize there will be no real change.

“If the regime’s mistakes stay as they are, criticism will develop into objections, and then it will not be clear what can happen,” Khatami said while meeting the members of the electoral headquarters for the 2017 presidential elections.

The channel Khatami Media on Telegram posted segments of the meeting amid the media blackout that’s been imposed on him for years.

Khatami also urged the regime officials to listen to the advice of reformists.

However, he added that everyone at the current time “is upset and opposed.”

Khatami apologized to the Iranian people, saying: “We could have served you better.”

Meanwhile, large groups of people and resistance units defied the regime’s suppressive organs and traveled to Pasargadae to pay their respects to King Cyrus II, the ancient ruler of the Persian empire whose legacy is credited with forging the Iranian national identity.

They largely walked to the site, some drove vehicles while some even walked through mountains.

According to reports, regime forces arrested and beat up some people who were trying to reach Pasargadae. Terrified of large gatherings and potential protests against the government, the Iranian regime resorted to military exercises on the day Iranians remember Cyrus and increased suppressive activities in different cities in the Fars province, especially regions that surround the Pasargadae tomb.

Source » saudigazette