This is the moment Iranian police drove a van into a woman protesting against being forced to wear a hijab at university. Shocking footage from Sohanak University, east of the capital Tehran, shows the van pushing the standing protester down a road for around 50 yards. Eventually, the van stops and the protester is surrounded but apparently unhurt.

The video was uploaded to social media on Saturday by Iranian activist Masih Alinejad.

She wrote: ‘Today in Iran: beyond sad. It is really backward and shameful.’

A protester who sent the video to Ms Alinejad said 90 per cent of her classmates don’t want to wear the hijab.

She wrote: ‘Our issue is not a piece of cloth or our headcovers, we take issue with you coercing us, with you deciding our destiny with this very same piece of cloth.
‘We don’t want this piece of cloth to be yet another tool to dominate and degrading women. We don’t want coercion to be introduced as our national culture.
‘We want to scream a just culture off the top of our lungs: “the right to choose! No to coercion”. We won’t be silent.

‘Resistance beats indifference. Hoping for change and moving forward beats bemoaning or giving up.’

The hijab has become compulsory in Iran since the 1979 revolution.

Source » dailymail