Iran’s mission to the UN warns that allied militias like the Houthi rebels in Yemen could expand their operations against Israel.

“The warnings from Iran regarding the initial days of the Gaza civilian casualties highlighted a concern: if these atrocities were not halted, they could incite public outrage and exhaust the patience of the resistance movements,” the Iranian mission says in a statement to the Associated Press. “These concerns can be averted and the responsibility lies squarely in the hands of the American administration to halt the transgressions perpetuated by the Israeli regime.”

The statement comes after the Houthis claimed responsibility for a missile fired at Eilat on Tuesday that was shot down by the Israeli military. Hours later, the Israel Defense Forces announced that it again intercepted an “aerial threat” near Eilat.

Israel has also been hitting targets in Lebanon in response to attacks by the Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group and allied Palestinian factions, with the military saying that it carried out strikes overnight after a surface-to-air missile was fired at an Israeli drone.

Source » timesofisrael