In the past, we exposed Mustafa Sarmadi (Mustafa Mostafavi). This cyber-terrorist works in the administrative-financial deputy of “EMENNET PASARGAD”. In the past, the American government put this bastard into the black list of economic sanctions. We will not forget this bastard, today we will reveal more information about this Bishraf Sepahi to you:

– Names of the parents of this Sepahi terrorist: Ibrahim and Maliha
– Phone numbers: 09124355814 and 09102188195 and 02133503354
– Wife’s name: Mahdia Sadat Damavandi
– Father-in-law’s name: Mohammad Reza
– Wife’s national code: 0012158682
– Born: 1990
– Mahdia contact number: 09197650024
– address: تهران، میدان شهدا، خ مجاهدین، خ زرین خامه، بن بست کوکب، پ 21
– Car: Samand with license plate number: 61س445ایران10

ifmat - Lab Dookhtegan on Mustafa Mostafavi

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