In a heinous act of crime, agents of the Khamenei regime executed 10 inmates on Wednesday, November 4th, including Sadegh Tajik, Yaddollah Farokhi, Ehsan Haddad, Abbas Anaraki, Mohsen Abbaszadeh, and one inmate named Behrouz in Qezelhessar Prison. Additionally, a female inmate named Maryam Foroughmanesh was hanged in Yasuj Central Prison.

On Monday, October 30th, 5 inmates, including Jalal Vahdati and Khalil Mohammadi in Khorramabad Central Prison, Jalil Notizehi (Zaruzehi) in Isfahan Central Prison, Hamid Tekavar in Karaj Central Prison, and one inmate in Golestan Province were executed.

Furthermore, on Thursday, October 26th, Khamenei’s henchmen executed 5 inmates in Birjand Central Prison, whose names were listed in the NCRI’s October 27th statement. Additionally, Amir Hossein Dashtban was executed on the same day in Tabriz Central Prison.

This means that the Khamenei killing machine has claimed the lives of 18 inmates on the days of October 26th, 30th, and November 1st, and 28 inmates during the past 10 days. They desperately attempt to suppress the inevitable uprising of the people and the downfall of their oppressive regime through arrests, torture, and executions within Iran, while also fueling unrest and bloodshed beyond Iran’s borders.

Source » ncr-iran