The president of Columbia University has hired privacy experts to help cover up the names of students who have been exposed as supporting Hamas in the wake of the terror group’s attack on Israeli civilians.

In a letter to all students, Minouche Shafik wrote in support of those who signed a letter blaming Israel for the war in Gaza as well as students who have defended Hamas and ripped down posters of kidnapped children.

The names of the controversial students are being displayed on giant video screens on a truck driving around campus and recorded on a website, Canary Mission.

Shafik wrote: “We are grateful for the persistence and perseverance of the students… in the face of this harassment.”

She went on to say that Columbia and Barnard College have ‘retained experts in the field of digital threat investigation and privacy scrubbing to support our impacted community members.

“The deliberate harassment and targeting of members of our community by doxing, a dangerous form of intimidation, is unacceptable.

“Many individuals, including students across several schools, have been subject to these attacks by third parties.

“This includes disturbing incidents in which trucks have circled the Columbia campus displaying and publicizing the names and photos of Arab, Muslim, and Palestinian students.”

The truck, hired by Accuracy in Media, features giant video screens on all sides, displaying the words ‘Columbia’s Leading Antisemites’ over a slideshow of headshots and names.

It identified students involved in an anonymous letter signed by ‘Palestine solidarity groups at Columbia’ that justified the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel.

Controversial actress Mia Khalifa also said that she’d cover “privacy services” for students filmed ripping down posters of hostages in New York.

Once the identities of the students behind it were revealed, major law firm Davis Polk rescinded job offers from two of the students.

Spectator, the Columbia student newspaper, found at least 75 Columbia affiliates listed on Canary Mission, a website that documents “individuals and organizations that promote hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews.” The site posts full names, photos, state locations, and organizational affiliations of individuals.

Shafik holds British and American nationality and is a previous Deputy Governor of the Bank of England. She was born in Egypt.

Source » thejc