Videos of Iraqi protesters try to break into Iran consulate in Kerala

Iraqi protesters turning their anger towards Iran.

As they tried to break in to the Iranian consulate in the Shi’ite Muslim holy city of Kerbala.

Chanting “Iran out” – Iraqi security forces opened fire on the crowd killing three.

It’s just the latest deaths in a deadly crackdown since anti-government protests swept Iraq since early October.

The anger over economic hardship and corruption is aimed at the sectarian power-sharing system of governance introduced in Iraq after 2003.

The political class is seen by many as subservient to one or other of Baghdad’s main allies – the U.S. and Iran, who use Iraq as a proxy in a struggle for regional influence.

”We came here today to revolt and hold a protest in front of Iranian consulate. We came to pull down the Iranian flag and lift the Iraqi flag instead. The Iranians and the parties affiliated with Iran harm us. We will never let any Iranian stay in Kerbala. We will never let any subordinates in Kerbala. Kerbala’s residents have revolted against Iranians. No corrupt parties, no Iranian will remain in Kerbala and across Iraq in general.”

But despite hundreds killed in the crackdown protesters are digging in.

Defying the prime minister who appealed for them to go home and camping out overnight in the capital Baghdad.

Adel Abdul Mahdi says the protests have achieved their aim and are now costing the country’s economy billions of dollars.

The premier has said he is willing to resign if lawmakers agree on a replacement.

He’s also promised a number of reforms.

But protesters say that it’s not enough and that the entire political class needs to go.

Source » yahoonews

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