Iranian unemployment crisis continues to worsen

The situation in Iran regarding unemployment is getting worse and worse and is one of the major points of contention with the people. The country’s economy is close to collapse and many people are unemployed, in particular, young people.

There are a number of factors that have led to this crisis, including the lack of permanent and full-time jobs. Many Iranians are put on contracts where they have no job security and are not given the hours that are needed to earn an acceptable wage.

Another issue is that wages are decreasing, causing many Iranians to quite simply quit their job that does not even come close to covering the cost of living. Furthermore, many workers are being laid off because their employers are struggling with increasing costs. Many factory workers have been made redundant because of the lack of purchasing power that makes businesses lose profit, with many eventually being forced to close doors.

The rate of unemployment in the country has reached its peak and there are record numbers of graduates that are unable to work. Only a few days ago, a state-run publication indicated that there is double the number of unemployed graduates than illiterate Iranians.

It is hardly surprising given the years of mismanagement and corruption that the Iranian regime is responsible for. The nation’s wealth has been plundered and regime officials have shown themselves to be concerned about little more than their own personal wealth.

The situation will never change for as long as the Iranian regime is in power. This is why the people of Iran have been holding strikes, protests and anti-government demonstrations. The people are desperate for change and they want their future, and that of the future generations, to be full of hope and prosperity – not desperation and gloom.

Many of the strikes that have been taking place in recent times across Iran have been because of months’ worth of unpaid wages and the laying off of workers. Students have also been very active in the social unrest that has swept across the country. The regime is very fearful of the young people in particular and the Iranian Resistance has been encouraging the youth in Iran to stand up in support of their compatriots.

The people of Iran are going to be the force behind regime change and there is no doubt that the regime is very close to collapse. The people need the international community to stop remaining silent with regard to the domestic situation in Iran. The people are calling for the respect of human rights, freedom, democracy, and equality.

Their demands are legitimate and the international community, at least the countries that pride themselves on upholding these core values, should not turn their back on the people. The country is undergoing a major social crisis and unemployment is the source of much anguish for many families that have lost their dignity and the most basic standards of living, all because of the corrupt regime.

Source » ncr iran

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