The killing machine and the raw brutality of Khamenei’s regime inside and outside Iran are operating with increasing intensity, possibly in a desperate attempt to save the doomed clerical dictatorship.

On Saturday, November 4, the regime’s criminal agents hanged two Baluch compatriots, Saeed Ali Zehi and Esmaeil Ali Zehi, in Zahedan Central Prison. On Thursday, November 2, six prisoners, including Ebrahim Naroui, Nasir Karimi, Ali Hadei, and two other inmates, were executed by hanging in Isfahan Central Prison, while Hossein Golmohammadi was hanged in Arak Central Prison.

On October 30, eight prisoners were executed by the Judiciary of the criminal mullahs, with the names of five of them announced in the November 2 statement. Additionally, three other prisoners, Shahab Sadeghzadeh, Mansour Taqvaii, and Heydar Salkhordeh, were sent to the gallows in Shiraz Central Prison on the same day. Another prisoner, Shamsollah Banaei, was executed on October 29 in Ahar Prison. Consequently, the inhumane regime of the mullahs has hanged at least 40 prisoners in the past 13 days.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the United Nations, the European Union, and member states to take urgent action to halt the killing machine of this regime and save the lives of prisoners facing execution. The people of Iran and the people of the region are paying the price for appeasement and negotiation with the bloodthirsty mullahs through more executions and killings, while the people of the region endure more wars, death, destruction, and displacement.

Source » ncr-iran