Retirees defrauded investors gather outside regime Majlis attacked by suppressive forces

Today, November 12, 2019, a large group of retirees staged a gathering outside the regime’s Majlis (Parliament) in Tehran to protest against the officials’ failure to respond to their demands.

Mostly women, the protesters were chanting among other things, “we are furious over so much injustice.”

Simultaneously, a large number of investors whose life savings had been stolen by the IRGC’s Caspian financial institution staged a protest outside the Majlis as well, demanding the return of their investments.

The suppressive forces surrounded the protesters, took away and tore apart their banners and placards, and repeatedly ordered the people to disperse, threatening them with arrest. Baton-wielding anti-riot forces and plainclothes agents attacked the crowd and severely beat them, detaining a number of the protesters.

They also seized people’s mobile phones to prevent any filming and photography. The suppressive forces had shut down all street vendors, public bathrooms, and shops in the area to prevent the protesters from entering them.

The Iranian Resistance hails those gathering outside the Majlis and calls on the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and other human rights organizations to take urgent measures to secure the release of those detained.

Source » ncr-iran

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