Inside the Iranian government, because of the centralization of the resources of the economic, financial, and armed forces which are under the control of the ruling circle, corruption is expanded and unbridled.

In this government, every subject we are pointing to is involved with corruption and is much bigger than we could imagine. And the state-run media is just revealing just a small part of it. Because most corruption cases and the biggest financial vortexes are belonging to the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s office and house.

This is something that the state-run daily Kilid experienced while losing its certification after printing an image of Khamenei’s hand which was drawing the poverty line with an article entitled: ‘Millions of households under the poverty line.’

Therefore no one in this regime can speak about the real source of corruption without facing the consequences, Iran watchers say.

Corruption in the issuing degrees of education

One might think that it is a hard and illegal thing to search and find centers that are issuing a degree for a ministry or bachelor or a Ph.D. But in Iran, that is not the case and without much effort, one can find centers that are operating officially, and most of them are even under the control of the government.

The official slogan of most of them is ‘we will fulfill your wish’ or ‘with this degree we hope that you will be able to upgrade your job position.’

They ask, ‘do you have enough time to continue your education? Are you searching for a degree of education?’

These institutions claim officially that they can provide any degree, the customer only needs to choose the field. They even present some of their works to the customers on their websites.

This action hurts society and upends social values and norms. There will be no more effort for learning and the country will face a lack of real specialists. Society will become a structure without any basement.

The Mostaghel newspaper on November 2, 2021, in an article in this regard, wrote: ‘Advertisements for the sale of education degrees are also freely available on social networks.’

Sale of all education degrees by an official inquiry

Professional technical diploma: 2 million Tomans
High school diploma: 3 million Tomans
Azad University Associate: 6 million Tomans
Bachelor of Azad University: 9 million Tomans
Master’s degree: 15 million Tomans
Doctorate with design and dissertation: 38 million Tomans

Some 50% is received as an advance payment before the work for the administrative affairs of the university from the customer. Upon receipt of the document and dissatisfaction, the entire amount will be returned to your account.

Duration of work for preparing the documents:

Diploma: 15 working days
Associate: 20 working days
Bachelor: 20 working days
Master: 45 working days
Doctor: 60 working days

These corrupt institutions justify their actions in such a ridiculous way: “You must waste several years of your life to study at any level, and even study at some universities you have to pay a fee to continue your studies and get a degree. While you can avoid wasting your time by buying a degree and spend your time doing things that you enjoy or earn money from.”

Mostaghel in another part of its article wrote: “In the 2000s, the appearance of the fake doctorate of Kordan (Ali Kordan, Minister of Interior of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government) which became famous in world literature as Kordanism, and according to informed people, even a percentage of the high degrees of MPs and other government officials are suspicious and possibly fake.”

This corrupt behavior is so expanded that people are joking about it while they say: “If you cannot buy the university entrance exam questions, you can buy university chairs.”

Source » iranfocus