The United States is on the verge of collapse and the “total annihilation of this evil power” will come soon, the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corp has warned.

Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari staged the blistering intervention while speaking in the Iranian city of Qazvin. The words were reported by Iranian news agency IRNA. Qazvin is in the west of the Middle Eastern nation.

The Iranian military commander said: “The United States is a regime formed on the basis of capitalism, racial discrimination and hegemonism.

“Our hostility toward them will continue.”

The army boss maintained Western and US officials have admitted “defeat” in their opposition to Iran.

He contended the “might and dignity” of Donald Trump’s global superpower have suffered and that Washington was “much weaker” as a world power than it was four decades ago.

The comments come as tensions hit new highs between Tehran and Washington after Trump announced two weeks ago he would be enforcing fresh sanctions on Hassan Rouhani’s cutthroat regime.

An ensuing social media spat followed the extraordinary move, with Trump posting a Game of Thrones-style “meme” with the words: “Sanctions are coming.”

The flippant gesture sparked an equally tongue-in-cheek response from Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The military leader posted his own Instagram post with the defiant words: “I will stand against you.”

President Trump announced in May his intentions of withdrawing from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that Barack Obama struck with Tehran, as well as China, France, Russia, the UK, Germany and the EU. The deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was intended to curb Iran’s nuclear energy programme, which the West maintained was to create a nuclear bomb. The JCPOA stipulated Iran must limit its nuclear programme in exchange for the lifting of crippling economic sanctions. But Trump rubbished the deal, calling it a “horrible one-sided” nuclear agreement.

In response to the comments, Rouhani said: “This is a psychological war, we won’t allow Trump to win. “I’m happy that the pesky being has left the agreement.”

Last week, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire blasted Trump’s sanctions, promising to lead Europe in defiance.
He said: “Europe refuses to allow the US to be the trade policeman of the world.”

Source » express