German police have raided 54 locations across the country connected to an Islamist organisation suspected of supporting the activities of Hezbollah.

The Islamic Center Hamburg (IZH) is also suspected of promoting Iranian ideology.

The raids across seven federal German states were coordinated by the German Interior Ministry, who accused the IZH of undermining the country’s “constitutional order.”

The ministry said the IZH exerts “great influence,” propagating “a clear antisemitic and anti-Israeli attitude.”

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said the IZH “had long been monitored” by German intelligence services and had been classified as “Islamist.”

“We have the Islamist scene in our sights,” she said following the early morning raids.

“Especially now, at a time when many Jews feel particularly threatened, it’s important to state: we do not tolerate Islamist propaganda or antisemitic and anti-Israel agitation,” Faeser added.

“Now especially is the time to be on high alert and for a tough approach. This is why we are following every reasonable suspicion seriously.”

Domestic intelligence services also believe that the IZH, which has a large influence over certain mosques and associations, is considered an extension of the Iranian regime in Germany.

One mosque operated by the IZH is the Imam Ali Mosque in Hamburg, known as the Blue Mosque.

Authorities are now examining whether the group can be banned, and material seized during the searches will be evaluated.

It comes weeks after Faeser implemented a formal ban on activity by or in support of Hamas and dissolved Samidoun, a group that was behind a celebration in Berlin of Hamas’ attack on Israel, following up on a pledge made by Chancellor Olaf Scholz shortly after the attack.

The IZH said last month that it “condemns every form of violence and extremism and has always advocated peace, tolerance and interreligious dialogue”.

Source » thejc