According to the Iranian Resistance, Iran protests have spread to 107 cities in Iran.

More than 61 protesters have been killed by security forces in 10 cities. The numbers are growing fast. Many protesters were killed in the southwestern city of Shiraz and the western city of Kermanshah on November 16 and November 17 which have not been included in the number of killed protesters given above.

In Karaj, near the capital, at least 19 people were killed. Seven people were killed in the southwestern city of Behbahan while five protesters were killed in Khoramshahr.

In the western city of Marivan five protesters were killed. Five others were killed in the central city of Isfahan. In the western city of Javanroud, two protesters were killed while another two people were killed in Baharestan, Tehran. One person was killed in the southwestern city of Ahvaz while another protester was killed in Sirjan in the southwestern province of Kerman.
November 17 reports

There were clashes going on between security forces and protesters in some areas in Tehran, including Shahriar, Khadem Abad, Shahed Shahr, Nasir Abad and Assad Abbad. A number of banks including the Maskan Bank, Kosar Bank and the Melat Bank were torched by protesters.

In Islam Shahr, southern Tehran, protesters torched a Bassij base and a kiosk that belonged to security forces.

In Andisheh, Tehran, clashes continued into the night between security forces and protesters. Protesters blocked off roads.

In Shiraz, southwestern Iran, protesters torched a number of banks. Students set fire to tires which they used as roadblocks.

In Kermanshah, protesters created roadblocks with burning tires preventing transportation. Security forces opened fire on protesters killing a number of them.

Severe clashes between protesters and security forces in the northern city of Gorgan and the southwestern city of Kazeroun.
November 18 reports

In Malard, Tehran, security forces are shooting down on protesters from helicopters.

In Qaemshahr, northern Iran, protesters have gathered around Imam Square.

In Asaluyeh, southern Iran, Bassij forces attacked a group of protesters who were blocking the Kangan road.

In Shiraz, southwestern Iran, security forces have opened direct fire on protesters.

Reports from Iran indicate that protesters have taken over the south of Shiraz. All the banks in Valfajr County have been torched.

Report from Kermanshah says that 22 people were killed in a hospital.
Reports from state-run media

The head of the Isfahan Fire Department said that 42 fires were contained by the fire department yesterday which included fires in 23 banks, a number of government institutions, and a bus.

According to the state-run Fars News Agency, in Shiraz, a bank branch was torched. In Kazeroun, a seminary was torched by protesters in addition to three cars, six motorcycles. A number of buildings were also damaged.

In Isfahan, a telecommunications building was completely destroyed.

Source » irannewswire

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