Iran state-media acknowledge how mullahs use COVID-19 to oppress people

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On the eve of the major Iran protests, state-run media acknowledge all the regime’s brutal strategy to control the restive society by using covid-19.

Reports tallied by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) as of Monday indicate that the number of covid-19 deaths has surpassed 156,000 across Iran. The rising death toll is chiefly due to the regime’s deliberate inaction and cover-up, to use the deadly pandemic for quelling the restive society.

“We would certainly see severe consequences and pay a heavy price with so many people losing their lives. Unfortunately, the bottom line is that the [regime’s] methodology of preventing and spreading the coronavirus has been completely wrong from the beginning. So far, the government has made no effort to control the virus,” wrote Jahan-e Sanat daily on Sunday.

Despite the covid-19 rising death toll, the regime refuses to close the economy. Hassan Rouhani’s government cited people’s economic grievances as the reason for not closing businesses.

“Some experts say the reason for the government’s delay in taking special measures against covid-19 is concerns about the people’s economy. Yet there are two important points: Frist, who believes a government that has ruined the economy within the last seven years became suddenly worried about people’s livelihood? Second, what is the cost of this economy, the death of thousands of Iranians per day? People’s lives should be tied to the government’s paralyzed economy?” wrote the state-run Resalat daily.

“Experts’ proposal to close crisis centers for two weeks was not approved yesterday at a meeting of the National Combatting Covid-19 Task Force chaired by Hassan Rouhani. So, who is responsible for the rising death toll?” wrote the state-run Vatan-e Emrooz on Sunday.

Of course, using covid-19 to oppress people is not only Rouhani’s initiative. The regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, who called this virus a “blessing,” and “test” along with other officials are involved in this crime.

“How many of us [people] should die daily, so the government prepares a plan the reduce deaths?” wrote the state-run Hamdeli daily on Saturday.

While people are grappling with poverty and the coronavirus crisis, the regime continues building missiles and funding terrorist groups. Also, the regime’s institutionalized corruption has further damaged Iran’s economy.

“If the government cuts the budgets of institutions that have no interest in the present and the future of the country, yet have a budget line, or cuts the salaries of tens of millions of government officials, it may be able to alleviate some of its financial problems. The government could also then help people amid the coronavirus crisis,” wrote Hamdeli daily in this regard.

A glance at the regime’s state-run media indicates the mullahs’ plan to use the covid-19, and its mass casualties as a barrier against another popular uprising have failed. As more lives perish, the explosion of a restive society approaches, and mullahs’ downfall is inevitable.

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