Nationwide uprising continues despite violent crackdown


Ebrahim Raisi

Ebrahim Raisi

Sunday, November 17, saw the continuation of the nationwide uprising against the mullahs’ regime. Despite threats by regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei and the criminal judiciary chief, Ebrahim Raisi, many cities were scenes of demonstrations and clashes with the suppressive forces.

In most regions of Shahriar, south of Tehran, including Khadem-Abad, Shahed-shar, Nasir-Abad and Assad-Abad, clashes and skirmishes erupted between the people and the suppressive forces. To confront the people of Shahriar, the regime dispatched units from the Special Anti-riot force, NOPO (Special Force Guarding the Supreme Leader). But the people confront them with hurling rocks. Several government-owned banks, including Maskan (Housing), Kowsar and Mellat were torched.

In Islamshahr, south of Tehran, young people set ablaze a paramilitary Bassij base and the State Security Force kiosk on Khomeini Street.

In Tehran’s Andimeshk township, young people took advantage of the darkness to attack the suppressive forces, forcing them to flee and blocking the streets.

In Shiraz, petrol stations were torched. Students at the University put tires on fire to prevent the regime’s agents from entering the campus. Young people bravely resisted herd of Revolutionary Guards and plainclothes agents. The torched several banks and lit fires in the streets.

In Kermanshah, young people blocked all streets, making it impossible to move around in the city. The suppressive forces opened fire indiscriminately in an effort to disperse the crowd, killing a number of the protesters.

Intense clashes continued in Gorgan (north) and Kazeroun (south) between the people and the suppressive forces. Young people defended themselves by hurling rocks at the attacking forces. They blocked many locations by staging gatherings.

Source » ncr-iran

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