Clashes between university students and suppressive forces in Tehran

The nationwide uprising of the people of Iran continued today, Monday, for a fourth consecutive day. There were extensive clashes between university students and rebellious youth on the one hand and the suppressive State Security Forces, intelligence and plainclothes agents.

The suppressive forces have surrounded the University of Tehran students, who had staged protests a few hours ago. The situation at 16 Azar Avenue and Enqelab Avenue is extremely tumultuous. Students are chanting “Imprisoned student must be freed,” and “Don’t be afraid, we are all together.” The paramilitary Bassij forces attacked the protesting students but were faced with their resistance. At the same time, people in the Sadeqyieh district in western Tehran have taken to the streets and the situation is extremely tense.

In the city of Karaj, suppressive forces have shut access to squares in an attempt to take over the areas that are currently under people’s control. In addition to suppressive State Security Forces (SSF), swarms of armed plainclothes agents have been sent to various regions. In Sarasiab, an impoverished area in southern Karaj, the people clashed with SSF who were firing on them. In Karaj’s Fardis district, the youth set Sepah Bank’s branch on fire.

The people’s uprising is also continuing in Shiraz. The large fuel station of Sanaye located in Giah Chemical in Shiraz has been set ablaze along with one of the regime’s abuses. The youth and people in Shiraz are protesting near the news headquarters of Falakeh Setad and the office of the Friday prayer leader. They have congregated there after arriving from four different areas. Eyewitnesses report hearing sporadic gunshots. Today, the Valfajr police station in Shiraz came under the people’s control. Rajai and Namazi hospitals are full of wounded and injured protestors and suppressive agents are attempting to arrest them.

Source » ncr-iran

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