According to the Iranian Resistance, protests in Iran have spread to more than 117 cities in Iran. At least 200 protesters have been killed by security forces. The numbers are growing fast. Due to the internet shut down by the Iranian regime, the number of videos and reports coming from Iran are limited but what is clear is that the regime has started a brutal crackdown against protesters.

Most protesters who were shot and killed by security forces are young and many have been shot in the head and chest. The regime is trying to hide the extent of its killings. In many cases, security forces have refused to hand over the bodies of the protesters to their families. They are instead buried in unknown locations.

Shiraz, SW province of Fars

There have been several reports from Shiraz with locals saying that “protesters have taken over the city”. Reports indicate that protesters have either burned down or have taken over government institutions. There were also reports that the families of prisoners had tried to bring down the wall of Adel Abad Prison with loaders to free the prisoners. The Revolutionary Guards Corps interfered and started shooting. Seven to eight people were shot. It is not clear whether they were killed or wounded.
Alborz province

Karaj: Protesters torched the regime’s Chamber of Commerce yesterday.
Isfahan, central Iran

Yazdanshahr November 18: A large number of protesters were killed or injured by security forces. Protesters torched three banks along with the municipality.
Reports from state-run media

The Chief of Tehran’s Police said today that a “large number” of protesters were detained in the past two days in the capital.

Threatening protesters, Rahimi said that the police would soon arrest other protesters who had been identified.

Source » irannewswire

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