Khamenei’s newspaper threatened protesters with execution by hanging

Kayhan newspaper which reflects the positions of Ali Khamenei, the mullahs’ supreme leader published an article on November 18, saying, “execution with hanging rope awaiting hired thugs.”

The threat was based on fabricated “confessions” made by arrested protesters.

Kayhan added that judicial authorities will definitely issue hanging sentences for Iran protest leaders.

Kayhan wrote the crimes of protesters is tantamount to “rebellion” and is legally and religiously punishable by the death penalty.

Iranian authorities began to warn protesters Saturday afternoon that they were ready to use force, as Ali Khamenei called demonstrators “thugs.”

“Some people are no doubt worried by this decision … but sabotage and arson are done by hooligans not our people. The counter-revolution and Iran’s enemies have always supported sabotage and breaches of security and continue to do so,” Khamenei said in his Sunday speech.

Khamenei acknowledged the death of protesters in his comments.

After his remarks, the Intelligence Ministry said, “key perpetrators of the past two days’ riot have been identified and proper action is ongoing.” The statements might mean that a major crackdown in looming.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have warned of “decisive” action if violent protests over a sharp increase in the price of fuel don’t subside.

The regime’s president Rouhani also resorted to threats Monday. He addressed protesters who have closed off the streets with their cars & said “We have several monitoring systems that will identify the license plates and the drivers of the cars.”

Protests started on Friday after the government increased the price of gasoline from 10,000 rial to 30,000 rial per liter while allocating 60 liters of gasoline ration for every car per month at 15000, rial per liter.

At least 200 protesters have been killed by security forces. The numbers are growing fast. Due to the internet shut down by the Iranian regime, the number of videos and reports coming from Iran are limited but what is clear is that the regime has started a brutal crackdown against protesters.

Most protesters who were shot and killed by security forces are young and many have been shot in the head and chest. The regime is trying to hide the extent of its killings. In many cases, security forces have refused to hand over the bodies of the protesters to their families. They are instead buried in unknown locations.

Source » iran-hrm

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