Youth continue to resist despite ruthless crackdown

The Iranian regime’s State Security Force (SSF) and the IRGC, as well as Intelligence Ministry and plainclothes agents, have engaged in the indiscriminate killing of the people in rebellious cities. They fire on any group of eight to ten people. Nevertheless, the protests and demonstrations have continued for the fifth day running.

Today, November 19, 2019, young people in Sadeqiyeh and Tehran Pars districts of the capital took to the streets and clashed with the suppressive forces. Two protesters were killed. In Damavand, east Tehran, six state-banks were torched.

On Monday, several protesters including two women were shot and killed in Jarrahi Township, a suburb of Bandar Mahshahr, southern Iran. The suppressive forces fired on people going to Mahshahr with heavy machineguns. In Kureh Township, also a suburb of Mahshahr, intense clashes erupted between the people and the security forces, in which three people were killed and one was wounded. Several suppressive forces were also killed. Presently, heavily-armed regime forces have surrounded Kureh and Jarrahi.

In Kermanshah (west) and Shiraz (south-central), suppressive forces attacked hospitals Monday night, taking away the bodies of those killed and the wounded protesters. In Kermanshah, authorities are demanding 500 million Tomans ($38,000) to hand over the bodies of the dead. Young people torched dozens of state-banks and an IRGC center of plunder, attacking three police precincts in the city.

In Fardis, near Karaj, the city’s Communication Department and a secret paramilitary Basssij base were set ablaze. In Mehrshahr, young people torched a center of plunder. Three suppressive agents were killed in clashes with the protesters.

In Qa’emshahr, young people have lit tires in the city center and clashed with the anti-riot forces, in which several were detained.

Source » ncr-iran

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