According to the statistics published by the Iranian government, every year 700 thousand Iranians leave the country. Immigration that observers say is the result of a hell of poverty and repression created by the mullahs.

On November 17, the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei tried to introduce the culprit of this disaster as someone other than himself and said:

“It has been reported to me, of course, the report nothing new, that something exists is some of the universities for a while that some elements are encouraging the elite youth to leave the country. I’m saying it explicitly, this is betrayal.”

Khamenei’s claims come at a time when there are just a few days that the media of his regime and its experts are not speaking and writing about the role of the regime itself in this situation and exposing the plundering and repressive nature of the regime.

It is enough to look at some of the examples of the day after his expression to find out the real ‘betrayer’.

The state-run daily Resalat, which is affiliated with Khamenei’s faction, a day after his speech on November 18 wrote:

“There is no doubt that the migration of elites is one of the main challenges of governing the country. The growing wave of students and professionals leaving the country is irreparable damage that, according to available statistics, has reached alarming levels.”

Referring to the reason for this event, which is a result of the regime’s repression, this daily admitted:

“Experience has shown that the chart of elite migration peaks in the years when social events and phenomena cause divergence in society.

“The sedition of 2009 and the events of January 2017, and especially November 2019, which arose from the government’s recklessness, are examples of this.”

Emphasizing the corrupt structure of the system, it wrote: “Lack of employment of the competent, instability in the laws, the difficulty of starting a business, monopoly, and lack of transparency are among the highest reasons for elite migration.”

Two days before Khamenei’s claims and his struggle to diminish his role in the mass migration of the country’s elites, Hossein Raghfar, a state-affiliated expert, in an interview with the state TV Channel Ofogh on November 16 said:

“The target group of me are the people, the middle and lower classes. They should be able to live. Why are there so many waves of migration from the country now? Why is there such a demand? And why exist it among the youths?

“Because we have made living in our country which is their homeland, uninhabitable, with these prices, while there is no job for them, because the money that should have been spent on the domestic investigation, is used to import luxury car. And who did it? Do not think that they are some weird and strange people, those who are in the government did this.”

Simultaneous with Khamenei’s remarks, the state TV Channel 4 showed the real traitor in an interview with a regime expert named Ghahremanpour.

Moderator: “If you want say why our elites at their best life period are living the country, is it economic, politically, due to welfare, or because of private reason? Which one is it?”

Ghahremanpour: “National Immigration Monitoring Center at Sharif University said that about 42 percent said the lack of hope that the situation would improve in the future was the main reason for elite migration.

“Regarding the innovative elite, they said that the lack of opportunities for entrepreneurship is the most important reason, that is, a country that has no horizon for the future.”

So, Khamenei is trying in vain to label someone else as the main traitor, because now for more than 30 years he is controlling Iran with full authority.

Source » irannewsupdate