Nader Maleki

Maleki has ties to the IRGC, mostly through various senior businessmen and bankers from IRGC-owned companies

Status:High Alert – Entity affiliated with Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entities

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This entity is connected with designated / sanctioned entities who are helping Iranian Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD

Nader Maleki is a well-known and well-respected member of Germany’s business community. Maleki is the founder of the Maleki consultancy and media group is also one of the founders of the “International Bankers’ Forum (IBF)”, Germany’s largest privately organized professional body of the banking industry;

Maleki has ties to the IRGC, mostly through various senior businessmen and bankers from IRGC-owned companies. Maleki’s network of IRGC businessmen includes prominent figures like Yahya Foroutan, formerly of the IRGC engineering company Sepanir and a founding board member of Ansar Bank and its current vice managing director. Another one of Maleki’s IRGC contacts is Ali Kargar, Chairman of board of Mehr Eghtesad Bank’s investment arm, Mehr Eghtesad Iranian Investment Company. Kargar, like Foroutan, has been in the service of the IRGC’s financial apparatus, including, a sting of its more infamous companies – Tidewater.

In recent years, Maleki has become an important figure in the circles of the IRGC’s financial elite particularly in wake of the merger of all-military owned banks in Iran into Sepah Bank. This merger has opened a new opportunity for the IRGC-owned banks to transfer funds in and out of Iran. Thus, once this merger was underway, Maleki was asked by his various contacts in the IRGC’s financial elite to facilitate such transfers. In order to comply with this request, Maleki used his connections in Germany and Europe to transfer IRGC funds via Sepah Bank’s Frankfurt branch. Moreover, to further facilitate the IRGC business network in Europe, Maleki founded in 2017 the “Association of Iranian Banks in Europe (AIBE)”. The stated purpose of this association is to strengthen Iran’s banking relationship with Europe and promote European international finance and trade business with Iran. One of the Association’s first members was Sepah Bank’s Frankfurt branch.

“The US embassy in Berlin announced that a slated pro-Iranian regime business conference on Thursday in Berlin will fund terrorism. The event includes members of the German government and Klaus Ernst, a MP from the largely anti-Israel Left Party in the Bundestag. “Thursday’s conference by the Maleki Corporate Group to promote trade with the Iranian regime is a dangerous move that will fund terrorism and undermine US sanctions, ” the embassy tweeted on Tuesday…The Maleki Corporate Group GmbH is holding their 8th Banking and Business Forum Iran Europe on September 19 and 20 at the Maritim Hotel in Berlin.The Frankfurt-based Volksbank is listed as the financial institution that receives registration fees for the conference. The conference costs 1,400 Euro for two days. It is unclear if the city of Frankfurt will ban business with the bank because of its ties to a pro-Iranian regime event. The City of Frankfurt outlaws business with banks that conduct transactions with the Boycott, Divestement and Sanctions (BDS) campaign targeting Israel. Iran’s mullah regime supports BDS – (Jerusalem Post, “US Embassy Says Pro-Iran Business Event Funds Terrorism In Berlin,” 9/17/2019);

Nader Maleki, a pro-Iranian regime banker (Maleki Group – Financial Communications & Consulting) in Frankfurt, Germany has organized an event called Business Forum IRAN. The event scheduled for May 23, is part of a greater campaign to loosen and end international sanctions that have crippled Iranian regime’s economy. Nader Maleki, the head of Maleki Group has publicly clarified his goal and declared: “Since the taking office of president Rohani, the relations between Iran and the Western world have improved and the sanctions have been slightly loosened, the end of the sanctions is in sight.” One of the key speakers in the event is Ali Ashraf Afkhami, the head of Iranian Industry and Mines Bank in Tehran. The bank is currently black listed by US Department of Treasury since 2011. Another speaker at the event is Omid Nouripour, spokesman on foreign affairs for Alliance 90/ The Greens party, Berlin. He is known among Iranian expatriates in Germany for his pro-Iranian regime activities. Markus Potzel, Head of Middle East Division, Federal Foreign Office, Berlin and Dr. Walter Posch, Deputy Head of Research (a.i.) – Divison Middle-East and Africa, German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin are among speakers at the Business Forum Iran’s event. Nader Maleki is encouraged by the appeasement policy toward the Iranian regime advocated and practiced by the Green Party of Germany and Germany’s Federal Foreign Office. This policy assists Tehran’s efforts to crack International sanctions; – (Mullahs friends in Germany try to loosen sanctions);

A number of different organizations on the initiative of Dr. Nader Maleki:
AIBE e.V. The Association of Iranian Banks in Europe
International Bankers Forum
International Piano Forum

Efis financial Solutions
Goethe Club


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