An Iranian military officer was killed as the result of a roadside bomb blast in Damascus, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp said on Wednesday morning.

The IRGC has claimed that Israel is behind the explosion, saying that it will respond to the attack.

The officer was identified as Colonel Davoud Jafari and served as an adviser of the IRGC Aerospace Force in Syria, according to the Tasnim News Agency.
Israel’s alleged operations

On November 8, 25 Iran-backed militants were killed and 10 others were wounded, in an attack that Lebanese media claimed Israel committed. The attack has targeted Iranian fuel shipments headed to Lebanon.

The IDF has been engaging in a continued campaign to disrupt Iran’s activities in Syria, in what some army officials have defined as the war-between-the-wars strategy. The campaign aims to disrupt Iran’s aspirations of regional hegemony, as well as to prevent Tehran from placing its proxies within Syria.

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