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Evin Prison

Evin Prison

Germany has warned citizens who also hold Iranian nationality against travelling to Iran after a dual national was arrested in October.

The foreign ministry did not name the detained citizen, but she has been identified as Nahid Taghavi by her daughter Mariam Claren.

“There have been several arrests of German-Iranian dual nationals in the past – including most recently in October 2020, often without comprehensible reasons,” said the German foreign ministry in an online update of its travel warning.

“Further detentions of people who also possess Iranian citizenship cannot be ruled out,” it added, stressing therefore that “unnecessary travel by people who are also Iranian nationals is strongly discouraged”.

Taghavi is a 66-year-old architect, who is reportedly being held in solitary detention in Iran.
Her daughter Claren said she has had no access to her since Oct. 15, a day before she was believed to have been arrested.

Human rights group IGFM said Taghavi should be viewed as a political prisoner because she has for years been fighting for human rights in Iran, in particular for women’s rights and freedom of expression.

Source » arabnews

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