Iran – Kurdish Cultural activist Anisa Jaffari arrested in Kermanshah

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Anisa Jaffari-Mehr, a Kurdish cultural activist, has been arrested at her home by security agents and transferred to an unknown location.

According to Iran Human Rights, security forces arrested Anisa at her home in Eslamabad Gharb, Kermanshah, and took her to an unknown location.

Speaking to IHR, an informed source said: “Anisa Jaffari has a bachelor’s degree in English literature and a master’s degree in linguistics. She is a cultural activist, writer and Kurdish language teacher who was arrested at her family home in Eslamabad Gharb. The security forces who were all armed, illegally handcuffed and arrested Anisa. While searching the house, security agents took a number of her personal books, which were not political at all and just literature books, along with her laptop and mobile phone.”

The source continued: “She was a member of the Literary Writers’ Council (J) which is registered in Germany and has so far published three academic issues, which had a purely literary content.”

Anisa Jaffari’s family have not received any information about her condition or whereabouts.

Born in 1993, Anisa was previously arrested by the Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence forces on 17 December 2019 and released on bail after several hours of interrogations, which were focused on her literary activities.

Source » iranhr

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