Iran is murdering hundreds of its civilians

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened this morning’s (Sunday) cabinet meeting speaking about the riots in Iran.

“General McKenzie (commander of United States Central Command) said that Iran is not only planning another attack not only against its neighbors but is attacking its own civilians. In the last weeks, Iran has butchered hundreds of its own citizens,” noted Netanyahu.

“This is a vicious regime that has shown its true colors to the whole world. Anyone who needs further proof that this is the largest terror state in the world.”

“I call to all the world’s states, in order to stalize the region and the world, join the struggle and place more pressure on Iran. Support Israel that fights this terror, we have acted and we will continue to do so.”

The PM also noted the violence in the Arab sector and the attack on the police car in the Galil. “We are unwilling to accept this kind of attack on our security forces, we will find the perpetrators and will continue to act to bring law and order in the Arab towns and cities.”

Source » israelnationalnews

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