In the past days, Iran witnessed major protests mainly in the cities of Isfahan and Shahr-e Kurd. The people of these two cities are demanding their water rights, something that has been taken from them by the regime and its corrupt IRGC, which has redirected many rivers to support its interests. For years there has been no will to resolve the problems of one of the most important rivers of Iran the Zayaneh Rud River.

This has led to extreme drought and catastrophic subsidence in most cities of the country and Isfahan is the most hurt city of the country, making many parts of the city uninhabitable.

Despite the regime’s repression, attacks and arrests, the people have decided to continue their protests as we have witnessed it today. Below is a summary of the protests over the past two days which will be updated.

Iranians Continue Protests; at Least Five Rallies and Strikes on November 23

On Tuesday, November 23, the people of Iran held at least five rallies, protests, and strikes in various cities, venting their anger over the government’s plundering and profiteering policies.

Despite the atmosphere of fear, farmers defrauded people, Shahrekord residents, miners, and workers took to the streets protesting officials’ failure to keep their promises and resolve their dilemmas.

Farmers Protest in Isfahan

Isfahan province, central Iran—farmers continue their vigils at the Zayandehrood, protesting officials’ failure to revive the profitable river.

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