The office of Iranian regime cleric Hassan Norouzi, the deputy chairman of the regime parliament’s judicial and legal commission, who had previously acknowledged his role in killing protesters in November 2019, was set on fire by Iranian Resistance Units.

Hassan Norouzi, a lawmaker from the city of Robat Karim, recently admitted his role in the November 2019 massacre in a press conference in response to the International People’s Tribunal on Iran Atrocities of November 2019: “I was one of the people who shot at the people. We killed them. Someone set a bank on fire, and we killed him. Now, who wants to try us?”

However, immediately after his office was set on fire, in fear of the people’s revenge, he changed his criminal positions in some statements.

Norouzi called his remarks about the November 2019 massacre after his interview a ‘joke’ and after his office was set on fire, he called his remarks a ‘strategic mistake.’

This statement is a clear retreat from his previous expressions fearing the ‘day of accountability’. Now pay attention to his ridiculous remarks after his confession on killing innocent people:

He claims that he is active in human rights issues in the field of law and because of his activities he has saved the lives of many young people on the death row: “My activities are mostly in the field of law and Islamic legal issues, where we were able to save about 5,000 or 6,000 young people awaiting execution. Many young people were saved by the addition to Article 48 of the Anti-Narcotics Law.”
While the text of his conversation has been published on the internet, he conceals it and deceptively circumvents his words:

“We were doing something when my cell phone rang. A reporter asked about the 2019 trial in London and said, ‘Tell me your opinion, I did not know, I did not know that such a thing was in London. I thought he was joking, about the November 2019 killings.’ I said who killed? What has been killed?! Where did they kill?

“Those who insult our leader have an office and work in London, sometimes occupy our embassy, ​​well if that is the case then we are the killers. If it was to be in London, then I felt that these were the networks of dissidents and hypocrites, and then I said I was joking and cut it off.”

“I am now one of those people who write letters to the families of those who lost their children and loved ones to help them to receive financial support, or I sent letters of release to those who were imprisoned, or to rebate their trials, or to apply Article 1477.”

With such a retreat, this criminal is sending the message to the people that the people have the power to conquer and withstand the regime’s repression and can bring criminals like him to the desk of justice.

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