Video shows anarchy after internet access restored in Iran

Internet access was restored in Iran on Sunday, revealing violence and chaos as protests spread to at least 116 cities.

The government shutdown internet to the country’s 80 million people on Nov. 16, amid protests over gasoline prices rising – restricting communications with the outside world.

The protests put renewed pressure on Iran’s government as it struggled to overcome the US sanctions strangling the radical regime’s economic control after President Donald Trump withdrew America from Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers.

In some cases, the protests turned violent with demonstrators setting fires and reports of gunfire.

Since Nov. 23, internet connectivity spiked in the country, allowing people to access websites for the first time.

On Sunday, connectivity was close to 100% for landline services, while mobile phone internet service remained limited, the advocacy group NetBlocks said.

The acting commander of the Revolutionary Guard, Gen. Ali Fadavi, accused America of being behind the protests.

“Why did (the Americans) get angry after we cut off the internet? Because the internet is the channel through which Americans wanted to perform their evil and vicious acts,” Fadavi said.

“We will deal with this, Islamic Republic supporters, and our proud men and women will sign up to make a domestic system similar to the internet with operating systems that (the Americans) can’t (control) even if they want.”

Officials have not said how many people were injured, arrested or killed during the several days of protests that swept across cities and towns.

Source » thefreeiranian

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