The issues and topics discussed in this audio file include:

– IRGC program for Basij week and its maximum propaganda

– Narration of the system’s security forces from nationwide protests, calls, student gatherings

– Statistical report about the closure of markets and the amount of national and union strikes in different provinces

– Daily statistics of turbans and attacks on religious centers and throwing Molotov cocktails (on November 22 and 23)

– Short report about the reactions of celebrities, athletes, cinematographers

– The margins of the Security Council meeting with the reformist media

– Explanations about the deterioration of Hossein Ronagi’s condition in prison, his hunger strike, broken leg, heart problem

– The program of the IRGC regarding the American, Zionist and Saudi declaration of calling protests to end it

– Referring to the disclosed file of Rana Rahimpour’s conversation and its margins

– Referring to the disputes of foreign media, especially Iran International and BBC Farsi

– Referring to the margins of the Persian BBC and the origin of the protest movement entitled “Ayatollah BBC”

– Pointing to the increase in the number of women’s protests, the support of EXO and BTS fans and plans to deal with them

– Referring to the ceremony of the 40th martyrs of Zahedan and addressing the details related to the incident of Sistan and Baluchistan

– Concerns about discovering the hijab of cinematographers and the approach and tactics faced by the system to deal with them

– Dealing with football sensitivities, Nizam’s plans for the World Cup, as well as negotiating and cooperating with Qatar to manage the issue

– Explanations related to sending people affiliated with the regime and security journalists to Qatar

– Details of the private meeting of the Secretariat of the National Security Council with the leaders of the reformist movement regarding the recent protests

and dozens of issues related to the recent popular uprising against the regime of the Islamic Republic


We request all of you, our dear compatriots, to listen carefully to the entire audio file of this meeting and pay attention to all its details. Our uprising against the dictatorial regime of the Islamic Republic has been successful until today, and knowing the state of the system, we can change the future of our country.

Know that our work with the Fars sludge company and the regime of the Islamic Republic is not over and this is just the beginning of the story

For women, life, freedom
Black Reward