Iran is flush with cash these days, and one need look no further than Israel and the Gaza Strip to see what it’s doing with all that money.

The carnage there is the result of America’s refusal to enforce sanctions already in place to prevent the sale of Iranian oil on global markets.

According to Barrons, Iran’s oil revenue this year will be upwards of $40 billion, comprising 70% of all revenues available to the Iranian government.

Iran uses that money to train, equip, mobilize and coordinate the activities of terror groups like Hamas. It’s the group that just decapitated children, slaughtered families, raped woman, kidnapped babies and is now causing the death of thousands of Palestinian civilians by using them as human shields in its war against Israel.

Without Iran, there would be no Hamas, and there would be no war in Gaza.

Because Iran has the money to fund groups like Hamas, Gaza today is a hellscape.

It’s what happens when evil is indulged.

Perhaps if we offer the ayatollahs the Sudetenland.

It’s time the world wakes up. Iran sponsors multiple terror groups, each one every bit as evil as Hamas, and each capable of the same satanic savagery.

Hamas didn’t just commit atrocities on Oct. 7. It celebrated them. It was proud of them. Its soldiers couldn’t wait to tell their mothers and fathers what they had done, and their parents were elated to get the news.

It is Iran breeding that kind of evil, and it is Iranian money that produces the kind of people capable of committing it — teenagers who believe decapitating a child and putting infants in a hot oven to die is something to write home about.

Iranian proxies are shooting rockets at American soldiers. Many of those soldiers are now being treated for traumatic brain injuries.

Iran is sponsoring the hijacking of cargo ships in the Red Sea. It is sending weapons to Russian President Vladimir Putin to aid in Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

Iran is the epicenter of evil in the world today, and Russia and China are using its malevolence to further their own global interests.

Making matters worse, Iran has learned the United States now pays for the release of American hostages, so taking hostages has become an integral part of its terrorist playbook. Indeed, through the actions of Hamas, Iran just acquired a few hundred additional captives, and is currently using those captives to manipulate a gullible world that seems capable of seeing only Israel’s response to Iran’s evil.

Ninety years ago, the world stood by as Germany grew to possess such power that it would take a world war to defeat it, a war which would cost the lives of 85 million people.

That’s 38,000 dead every day for the six years the war raged.

One can only speculate what the cost of dealing with Adolf Hitler would have been had the world dealt decisively with Germany in the 1930s. There is little doubt, in terms of human life alone, the cost would have been a fraction of the 85,000,000 deaths that ultimately resulted because global leaders at the time lacked the courage to do what needed to be done.

As hard as it is to believe, there are still Americans who are convinced we can woo Iran from its evil ways. President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken are chief among them. What precisely has our patience and money purchased?

Iran views the United States with contempt. It plays us for fools. Soon the unthinkable will become a reality. Iran will possess nuclear weapons.

Hamas’ sympathizers here and around the world might not like it, but at this point we have no choice but to fully support Israel’s war to destroy Hamas as an effective terror organization. One has to wonder if Hamas would have behaved so brazenly if the United States had dealt more forcefully with Iran in the years leading up to Oct. 7.

I suspect not, but we are where we are, and the fact is, we must finally take the steps necessary to incapacitate Iran’s ability to spread death and destruction around the globe.

That begins with denying it the money it uses to fund terror organizations like Hamas. If that proves insufficient, military action might be necessary.

But let’s be clear up front. If it comes to that, if Biden does find the spine to deal with Iran in any meaningful way, it will be the people of Iran who pay the price.

The Gazans are currently learning the hard way that being governed by a terrorist organization comes at a terrible cost.

During World War II, the German people learned the same lesson, paying a horrendous price for being led by Hitler and his Nazis. The people of Japan paid an equally high price for having a government led by Tojo and his henchman.

Unless the Iranian people act first to rid themselves — and the world — of their malignant national and religious leaders, they, too, will suffer the same fate if we are required to do it for them.

The world has again allowed evil to take root and flourish, and it now has no choice but to act to eradicate that evil before it spreads any farther.

If it doesn’t, the cost may be incalculable. It might already be too late.

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