Iranian regime transforms schools into detention centers

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Following Iran’s nationwide protests which started on November 15 over gas price hike, the Iranian regime has made detention centers out of many schools, in violation of international conventions.

The extent of unlawful detentions was so large that regime have turned schools in many towns into detention centers.

A video clip posted on the internet shows how the Quds elementary school for girls was turned into a detention center by security forces. Iranian protesters blindfolded and handcuffed were first taken to this place to be transferred to prison.

Another video posted on social media indicate that the authorities have transformed another girl’s school to prison. Local sources say Najmeh Girls’ School in Shadegan city, Khuzestan, southwest Iran was used as a temporary detention center for Iranian protesters in the city.

Regime officials have admitted sweeping arrests across the country.

The Spokesperson for National Security Committee of the regime’s Majlis acknowledged that at least 7,000 protesters were detained during the protests.

But according to information received from inside Iran, 10,000 protested have been arrested so far. The wave of arrests continues.

There were several reports that jailed protesters are under severe torture with reports that many have been taken to hospital for broken body parts.

At the same time, the regime’s Judiciary officials in various provinces such as Tehran, Khuzestan, and Fars are speaking of holding special courts for those arrested.

Iran’s nationwide protests started after the regime tripled the price of gasoline on November 15.

Supreme Leader Khamenei called protesters “hooligans” in a televised speech on November 17. During the next few days, the regime mobilized all its forces against protesters, opening fire on gatherings of more than 10 people in some parts of Iran.

More than 600 protesters have been reported killed while at least 4,000 were injured.

Source » iran-hrm

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