Bonyad Taavon Sepah Bought Talya Mobile

(Translated from – Bonyad Taavon Sepah Bought Talya – Publsihed: May 17, 2016)

Rafsanjan Industrial Co-operative Company, a 43 percent stakeholder in the first contractor-mobile phone operator, has sold Iran’s credit to the Mobin Electronic Development Company of Iran and the IRGC Cooperative Foundation.

According to the report from the era of communication, Mobin Iran companies are under the executive headquarters of the Imam’s command and the Cooperative Corps of the Sepah are the two buyers of the shares of the Rafsanjan Industrial Complex; the two have both bought jointly the management block of the Telecoms Company of Iran and are currently The present are the owners of Iran Telecommunication Company.
Of course, the exact details of the sale of Taliya have not yet been published.

For seven years, Telecom has held 57 percent of its first mobile phone operator, Talia, under a BOT contract.

The purchase of 43% stake in Rafsanjan Industrial Complex in Taliya was carried out by Iranian telecommunication company, a 43% shareholder on the eve of the last three years of the BOT contract with the Iranian Telecom Company, and the Rafsanjan Industrial Complex, registered in the form of a cooperative, after seven years Due to its inability to fulfill its obligations, the company was forced to sell its shares in Talia.

The Islamic cooperative company of Rafsanjan Industrial Complex, the first provider of credit cards in the country, has nearly 200,000 subscribers seven years after the official start-up date.
The company faced an investment problem from its beginnings, and since then it has not been able to attract the attention of the Iranian telecommunication company to continue its activities with the new investor.

The first contractor, the Iranian mobile phone operator, after the withdrawal of Sweden Tele2, initially failed to invest in the Taliya credit sim card project, completing its investment in the development of Taliya in Iranian cities, and only covered the centers of 30 provinces of the country.

While all solutions to Talia’s problems depend on telecommunication policies and their shortening from their initial conditions, the Iranian telecom company continued to emphasize the initial terms of the Taliya contract and believed that since the selection of the contractors of credit cards was conducted as auctions and the contract was based on The terms of the auction must be the same as those entered into the contract.
Although solving this challenge between Telecom and Talia, the Radiocommunication Regulatory and Radiocommunication Organization also formed a tripartite committee, but the regulator ultimately failed to find a solution to the insistence of the employer of the project, and the shareholder insisted on implementation of the initial initial terms of the contract of 57 percent. .

Telecom’s BOT Taliya contract stipulated that the Islamic cooperative of Rafsanjan Industrial Complex must obtain the agreement of the telecommunication company for any change of investors and owners, but after its initial investment, the company has agreed to obtain the support of the domestic investor And not foreign.

Taliya, who worked with the slogan “Say, Laugh, Live” over the past seven years, changed its business slogan to “Taliya a City, a Companion” on the eve of the change of ownership of its shareholders.

Seyyed Mostafa Sidashashi, chairman of the telecommunication company of Iran, announced the agreement of the board of directors of the company with the sale and transfer of shares of the industrial complex of Rafsanjan to two new buyers said: “New buyers have promised that by the end of the year 91, the number of subscribers Taliya to one million and 500 thousand People increase. ”
According to him, the manner and amount of the transaction will not be communicated to the telecommunication company of Iran, and will be based on an agreement between Rafsanjan Industrial Complex and new buyers.

A two-million-dollar Taliya contract for the provision of credit cards was signed in June 2005 in the middle of the contract between the parties, at which time no major SIM cards were distributed in the country, and Taliya came to the forefront of mobile cell phones.

But finally, the withdrawal of the foreign investor of the project, the inability of the cooperative company of Rafsanjan Industrial Complex to attract investment that the Iranian telecommunication company would be happy to operate in this contract project, and the losses of the telecommunications from the site of the project’s standstill, led the Rafsanjan Industrial Complex Give it to the new shareholder.

With this change of stockholding, Mobin Iran companies and the IRGC Cooperative Foundation, which owns the first-to-many telecoms as the nation’s largest telecom operator, will be the owner of the first carrier-operator for the country’s credit cards.

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