A man was sentenced to death by a criminal court in the northern province of Alborz for publishing “blasphemous” content on Telegram, a state-run news agency said. According to ROKNA, The man identified only by his first name as Meisam was also sentenced to prison, flogging and a fine.

The report said that the court did not accept the 39 year old man’s “penitence” in court and said that he carried out his actions under the influence of “dissident groups”.  
Meisam was also charged with “possession of a gun and pepper spray”, “drinking alcohol”, “blasphemy”, “possession of homemade alcoholic beverages” and “spreading propaganda against the state”.

The death sentence has been confirmed by the Supreme Court. Though the regime holds the record in the number of executions in the world per capita, its rare even for the regime to execute Iranians over blasphemous internet content.

Source » irannewswire