The Iranian regime is trying to copy the Hezbollah model in Yemen by financing the Houthi militia and arming it with lethal weapons enabling them to attack the Yemeni people, disrupt international shipping routes and destabilize the whole region, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States Prince Khalid Bin Salman said on Tuesday.

In a number of tweets posted on Tuesday, Prince Khalid said the Iranian regime created Hezbollah which has helped Tehran in “killing dozens of Americans and committing genocide against the Syrian people”.

“The Iranian regime founded Hezbollah in Lebanon, a terrorist proxy which acts as it’s subcontractor in the region, helping the regime in killing dozens of Americans and committing genocide against the Syrian people, among other things,” he said.

The Iranian regime’s project, as described by Nasrallah, is to make the whole region a part of “the greater Islamic Republic”, ruled by the Ayatollah of Iran, the ambassador said.

The Saudi ambassador to the United States has previously warned that Iran wanted to form another Hezbollah in Yemen through its support of the Houthi militias.

In March, he told CNN that Tehran was the greatest sponsor of terrorism.

“The problem with Iran is its behavior and desire to expand”, he said adding that it does not only want to destabilize Saudi Arabia, but the entire region.

Source » saudigazette