Pentagon sources disclosed details described as “sensational” about allegations of Iran’s intention to launch attacks in the Middle East using “suicide planes”.

Newsweek magazine published a lengthy report saying Iran was currently using “drones” to control US military sites and a number of other military and security sites in the Middle East.

The magazine quoted US military personnel in the Middle East as saying as the suicide drones would be “used for Iranian foreign operations.”

Military and intelligence officials told Newsweek, who declined to be identified that the”US forces are using new technologies to overcome drones, especially those using C4i (control of headquarters, communications and computer) near US positions in the region.”

“This activity also indicates that a number of Iranian-friendly regional militias, operating under the orders of the Quds Force, are conducting surveys in preparation for future attacks using drones,” the officials said.

“These planes have been developed and tested by Tehran since 2014 and can carry explosives over long distances,” the sources said. Newsweek further quoted a Pentagon official as saying that “these threats from Iran are still continuing because Iran continues its actions, and US forces take all measures to defend itself, and that it is exercising caution to avoid provoking or escalation.”

As Gen. Sean Robertson, a Pentagon spokesman, said: “We continue to monitor the regime’s activities closely in Iran, its military and its proxies, and we are well placed to defend US forces and their interests as needed.”

A senior Pentagon official said there were signs of possible future hostilities by Iran amid mounting tensions between the Islamic Republic and the United States. According to CNN, American officials at the Pentagon and the US administration revealed the availability of new intelligence on a possible Iranian threat to the US forces and interests in the Middle East.

“There has been identical intelligence in the past few weeks,” two administration officials said, adding that it had been collected in November by the military and intelligence services.

The officials did not say the nature of the information, but in the past few weeks there have been movements of Iranian forces and weapons that could put US concerns about a possible attack, if ordered by the Iranian government, officials said.

Source » almasdarnews