Due to the Iranian regime’s mismanagement of the economy, their rampant corruption, and their brutal oppression of society, protests are a daily occurrence across Iran and the depth of the socio-economic problems in the country have left society on the verge of explosion.

During the recent protests in Isfahan, people who had initially started the protests by demanding their social rights began chanting political slogans. Iran’s state media have sensed society’s restiveness and have acknowledged this fact in recent days.

The state-run Jahan-e Sanat daily wrote on December 2 that the deterioration of the socio-economic situation in Iranian society is due to mismanagement by regime officials ‘from the ninth to the twelfth government’.

As a result, even the middle class in Iran has become poor. Many protests have taken place across Iran since 2009, with people from across all social classes being involved in different protests year after year.

Jahan-e Sanat wrote, “We had the middle class [protests] in 2009 after [sham] elections, then the frustrated poor people who protested in November 2019 after the increase of fuel prices. Recently we had the protest rallies and strike of farmers in Isfahan, a traditional section of society that had not protested before.”

They warned that if the Iranian people’s demands are failed to be addressed by the regime, ‘the situation will become more sensitive’.

Jahan-e Sanat said, “We now see that the protesters include teachers, workers, the lower classes, and other walks of life. This means that people are aware [of the regime’s misdeeds]. This is dangerous if their demands are not fulfilled.”

They referred to the current social situation in Iran as ‘dangerous’ and acknowledged that the regime will most likely resort to further oppressing the Iranian people as the problems have reached a level where it is practically impossible to address the demands of the people.

Jahan-e Sanat said, “No ruler allows protests to advance more than a certain limit. The system is not unaware of the extent of dissatisfaction. But this is not the way to solve the problem. Protests have accelerated since 2009.”

The state-run Ebtekar daily wrote that the levels of inflation in Iran are continuing to increase, leaving society under unbearable socio-economic pressure, and making more and more families fall below the poverty line.

While many commentators blame international sanctions as the reason for the Iranian people’s financial problems, state media acknowledged that people are suffering since the regime has been wasting national wealth on its malign activities.

The regime has wasted over $2 trillion of Iran’s national wealth on its nuclear program so far while the country’s population is struggling to survive and provide for their families. All the while, the state-run Arman daily has stated that ‘there is no economic justification’ for the regime’s nuclear program whatsoever.

The Iranian regime can no longer oppress these protests or deceive people. Once the regime oppresses a protest or an uprising, another unrest begins. As described by Iran’s state media, this situation is “dangerous” for the regime and a real threat to its grip on power.

Source » iranfocus