U.S. President Donald Trump in brief remarks at the White House on December 6 said he will never allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

Speaking to American-Jewish guests at a Hannukah gathering, Trump said the Iran deal was “horrible, horrible” and insisted “it should have never been made”.

Saying that Iran has been subjected to unprecedented tough sanctions, the U.S. president repeated one of his main arguments underlying his tough policy towards Tehran.

“We cannot let the world’s leading sponsor of terror, a regime that chants, ‘Death to America’ and threatens Israel all of the time with annihilation, and constantly screams out ‘Death to Israel’, to possess the deadliest weapon on earth”, Trump told his audience, who started chanting “Four more years, four more years”.

He called Israel “a majestic nation” and “a light of hope” and reiterated his support for the Jewish state as “our cherished friend and partner”.

Trump’s decision to leave the Iran nuclear deal in May and the subsequent reimposition of sanction has badly impacted Iran’s economy, with a devalued national currency, inflation, unemployment and labor unrest.

Source » radiofarda