Iran backed militias have killed thousands of people

Yemen’s Human Rights Minister, Mohammad Askar, said on Thursday, December 7, that Houthi militants affiliated with the Iranian regime have killed more than a thousand leaders of the People’s Congress Party, along with a number of military commanders and pro-Ali Abdullah Saleh citizens over the past four days.

According to Sky- news, hundreds of injured have been kidnapped from hospitals, and their destiny has not yet been determined. Mohammad Askar also said that the Iranian regime-backed Houthi militias suppressed peoples protest demonstrations and insulted women and arrested a number of them.

The Yemeni Minister of Human Rights urged all regional and international organizations and committees to publish and disclose all the evidence and documents of the crimes of the Iranian regime’s militias.

He also called for any action to reduce the pain and suffering of the Yemeni people and release them from the militants affiliated with the Iranian regime.

Ismail Valed Sheikh Ahmed, the UN special envoy to Yemen, said: Daily aggression that is taking place against the citizens in Sana’a is against all norms and traditions and one cannot remain silent towards that.

He noted that the reported suppression of women’s peaceful protests and the arrests of journalists and members of the congressional party in Sana’a contradicted the general international law and human rights law.

Source » ncr-iran

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